×Guy De Maupassant + Chirurgie

Small brochure with selected two short stories from Vladislav Vancura

× Novo
"Novo" is a font specially designed for Nanovo. It is geometrically shaped text typeface derived from logotype alredy in use.
"Novo" is in Extended Latin encoding, as OpenType format. Offering language support for Central European, Baltic, Turkish languages, and more). Including alternative characters and symbols.
Specimen and poster available to order.

× Onehundred (100)
A few t-shirts. New label "One Hundred" [in Czech "Sto"] for IHAD distribution. Available Now!

× Jaco
Font developed for Jakub Vlcek photography.

× Nanovo Showroom
Opening of the new online shop with design.

× Trezeza Houdkova
Tereza is Prague based jewellery designer. Her inspiration comes from things she loves: nature, friends, sport, traveling...
She tries to make jewellery not just beautiful to wear, but also a bit funny.

× New stuff in Deforms
Nice new deformation by Definez. Thanks!

Hotmix is the magazine based on the same name blog for the Czech dancers who are interested in streetdance and breakdance. Provides information from the world of these two dance styles. The first edition is devoted to the history of breakedance called -The Beginning of Bboying-. Hotmix is not only about information on the Internet. The team behind this project organizes dance events and is actively involved in supporting the Czech dance scene.

21 x 26 cm, offset, 100 copies

× Norman grotesque
Still in development. More coming soon.

× Nanovo Bookmarks
Shop specializing in furniture, accessories and other items particularly of Czech origin, mainly from the 60s, 70s and 80s of the 20th century. Offered items are carefully renovated if necessary, in order to preserve not only their unique appearance but also full functionality.

× Donator
It is free monospaced OpenType font you can download for free or you can donate! The typeface is based on geometric forms and contains unique characters in the form of stylistic set.